How Map Traps Work

Map Traps, which require no power source and cause minimal soil disturbance, are deployed for two weeks at ground level in a grid pattern across the entire contaminated area.  After deployment, the Map Traps are returned to E-Flux for a qualitative radiocarbon (14C) analysis which results in a binary (yes/no) indication of the presence of LNAPL biodegradation. Site-specific results are then sent to the client in a confidential report within 20 working days.



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What comes in the package. What you get. How Shipments Work. Monitoring Process. What's Included? 

I want to use your icons to show what is included in the shipments - "show what they are paying for"

Included in your shipment is

Map Traps - amount specified during our contracting... 

1 Travel Blank- To ensure accuracy, each shipment of Map Traps are sent with a Travel Blank Trap. The Travel Blank Trap is opened during travel so that it captures CO2 as the Fossil Fuel Traps travel to and from the site. The Travel Blank is analyzed for CO2 and that amount is used for a correction on the field Fossil Fuel Traps. E-Flux can ensure accurate numbers as a result of the Travel Blank?????

Field Components:

Receivers - how you deploy the traps -

Rain covers - saturation is a big concern when using sorbent 

stakes and eye hooks - stabilizers to make sure nothing disturbs the traps

Chain of custody

Instructions - See Resources for examples of installation quick guides.



The Report