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E-Flux takes prides in being an education-driven company. We hope to encourage future generation to explore new scientific discoveries; every summer, E-Flux hires interns with a variety of backgrounds to assist in the company research and development. Interns are able to help with the day-to-day company activities as well as work side-by-side with Dr. Julio Zimbron and our other scientists to explore an area of research within the industry that interests them.

Many research projects the interns have conducted, such as our electronic chain of custody software, have passed the research phase and are implemented into our company. To learn more about what E-Flux is developing, visit  our News and Events.


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Dr.Julio Zimbron

Dr. Julio Zimbron is the founder of E-Flux and the co-inventor of the Fossil Fuel Traps.

He holds a B.S. degree in biochemical engineering from the Monterrey Technical Institute in Queretaro, Mexico, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in chemical engineering from Colorado State University.


Dr. Zimbron's professional experience spans nearly two decades and includes two years of consulting service for Shepherd-Miller Inc., five years of industrial research at General Electric's Environmental Technologies Lab and GE Energy's coal gasification business, and five years of academic research at the Center for Contaminant Hydrology at Colorado State University.

While conducting the research that eventually led to the development of the Fossil Fuel Traps, Dr. Zimbron says a pivotal moment occurred when he began thinking about barometric pumping, the process by which daily variations in atmospheric pressure alter the amount of soil gas that flows through the subsurface."This made me realize that a one-time measurement of soil gas flux wouldn't be accurate — any sensible measurement would need to be a long-term average," he said. So he and his colleagues went to work designing the Fossil Fuel Trap to provide average soil gas flux values over an extended period (as opposed to an instantaneous "snapshot" in time) that had the potential of providing meaningful site characterization.

As founder and owner of E-Flux, Dr. Zimbron is dedicated to the idea of product simplicity — creating a technology and service that is cost-effective, easy to use, and provides repeatable and reliable data that meets the needs of the end user. "With its ease of use and data interpretation that everyone can understand, I like to say that the Fossil Fuel Traps make soil gas flux measurement accessible to all," says Dr. Zimbron.